Coming Soon #8

Welcome back and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you had as wonderful a summer as I did. I didn’t get as much writing done as I thought I would but that happens just about every summer. Kinda hard to stay cooped up in the basement writing when the sun is warming the outside world to a crispy 80 degrees. And I do so hate wasting good weather staying indoors especially when I’m a notorious hibernator during the winter. When it’s cold I’ll use any and all excuses to stay inside the house. The upside is that I’m so much more productive during those months.

But you didn’t come here for that felgercarb. You came to hear what’s going on with my Dillon projects and when you can expect to see them so let’s get going with that. And as always, if you want to keep up with all my other projects then I invite you to bounce on over to my other blog, BLOOD & INK. Okay? Okay. Let’s get to what you came for:

DILLON AND THE NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS: This one should be finished in another two weeks and turned in on time so that it can be in the 2014 Pulpwork Press Christmas Special. I heartily recommend that you pick up the previous volumes. The 2012 Volume contains “Dillon and The Night Before Christmas” in which Dillon questions the reason for his life and his existence during a rum-soaked Christmas Eve bender and a mysterious stranger gives him a look at what the world would be like without him.

DILLON/SLY GANTLET: As most of you know, Joel Jenkins wrote a team-up between Dillon and his character, the mercenary/musician Sly Gantlet  that a whole lot of you enjoyed. Even more of you asked when and if Dillon and Sly were going to meet up again. I’ve long had the reunion team up, “Dead Beat In Khusra” plotted out and if you’ve read DILLON AND THE LAST RAIL TO KHUSRA then you know there’s a Sly Gantlet related tease in there.

Well, Joel went ahead and beat me to it as I have on my hard drive “Dead Beat In The Gobi” which finds Our Boys stuck in the middle of the Gobi Desert besieged by the Russian Army on one side and on the other…well, you wouldn’t thank me if I spoiled it for you, now would you?

Recently Joel and I have been talking and we both came to the same conclusion: when I finish “Dead Beat In Khusra” why not put that together with the other Dillon/Sly Gantlet team ups into one book? So that’s what we’re gonna do. Right after I finish with the Christmas story I’m going to jump into that. We haven’t got a title for it as yet so for now I’m just calling it DILLON/SLY GANTLET: FRENEMIES FOREVER. That won’t be the final title of course. If you’ve got any suggestions, by all means, let me and Joel know.

DILLON AND THE SECRET OF SHAMBALLAH: This is the novel that was previously entitled DILLON AND THE MYTH HUNTER. But don’t worry that the change in title means Elisa Hill won’t be in it. The Myth Hunter certainly will be. She’s been hired by Li Shoon, the satanic master of the feared worldwide secret society known as The Ui Kwoon Ah-How to find the location of Shamballah, The Eternal City. Dillon is sworn to protect the secret of Shamballah at all costs. But will he go so far as to kill a friend to keep that secret? This will the first of two big Dillon projects for 2015. I’ve got about thirty pages of notes for this thing and I think it’ll be safe to say that by the time it’s done it’ll be the longest (in terms of word count) and biggest Dillon adventure to date.

DILLON AND THE DEVIL’S BOUNTY: This is other big 2015 project. Based on a plot by none other than Joshua R. Reynolds! When The Heart of Fortune V, the world’s first self-sustaining seagoing vessel is hijacked by pirates, Dillon is contacted by John Velvet, Director of The Machine to destroy The Heart of Fortune and keep it out of dangerous hands. In order of accomplish this mission Dillon needs the assistance of one of his protégés, the mysterious and dangerous mistress of mayhem and disguise, The Pulptress! But neither one of them could have counted on the participation of the 21st Century incarnation of Fortune McCall! And it may need all their skills and talents to stave of the assault of the various criminal and terrorist organizations seeking to take control of The Heart of Fortune V for their own nefarious purposes!

You can also be on the lookout for the reissue of DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL with a brand new cover by Sean E. Ali, winner of the 2014 Pulp Factory Award for Best Interior Illustrations. Don’t quite know when that’ll be as I don’t rush Sean and he doesn’t rush me. Really all I have to do is tighten up the nuts and bolts a bit on the book and Sean has to come up with one of his mind-blowing covers.

That’s it for this time around. As always, Thank You so much for your continued support and interest in my work. Be safe at work, at home and at play and don’t forget to be good to somebody today. Just because.