The Specialists!

Rock Musician, Sly Gantlet, and the global instigator known as Dillon are the best of friends and the bitterest of rivals. Contained herein are three of their most over the top, insane, and life altering adventures:

DEAD BEAT IN KHUSRA: When Sly Gantlet decides to mix business with pleasure and takes the charming and drop dead gorgeous Princess Sathyra on a solo tour to Khusra, he finds himself the target of Sathyra’s jealous ex-flame, Dillon!

DEAD BEAT IN THE GOBI DESERT: Dillon and Sly steal a biological weapon from a Russian military base, shortly before being shot down in the Gobi Desert. Soon they find themselves caught between a mysterious woman, a howling blizzard, Russian special forces, and a group of marauding cannibals!

THE SPECIALISTS: Enlisted by the American Intelligence Machine, Sly and Dillon and a motley crew of coerced killers must stop delivery of a special bomb designed to wipe out America’s electrical grid and bring about massive starvation. Up to their necks in blood and bullets, they find all paths blocked, and begin to suspect they were never meant to return from their mission alive!

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