Toldja Things Were Going to Change


18920482_683176755217651_3693298313430778809_nFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A handful of characters make every ‘best of’ list when characters considered part of the New Pulp Movement are discussed. The New Pulp Movement is a community of writers, artists, and publishers associated because the work they produce is written/created in the Pulp style that grew out of the classic Pulp magazines of the early 20th Century. Author Derrick Ferguson’s extremely popular ‘global instigator’ and adventurer, Dillon, is one such character. And now Dillon and the entire, ever expanding universe he lives in is a part of Pro Se Productions. DERRICK FERGUSON’S DILLON is a new author/character centered imprint from Pro Se to debut later this year.

“People may ask “Why bring Dillon to Pro Se now?” says Ferguson. “The question could be more properly phrased as “Why did it take so long?” After all, I’ve had a long and harmonious relationship with Tommy Hancock for twenty years now and Dillon would have seemed from the beginning to be an excellent fit for Pro Se Productions as they have a reputation for innovation and showcasing remarkably vital characters. Everybody has to choose their own path and mine led me down a long and interesting road. But now it’s time to expand Dillon and his universe to a wider audience and Pro Se Productions can help me do just that.”

“I don’t have words,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions Partner and Editor in Chief, “for what Dillon coming to Pro Se means to me, both professionally and personally. When it comes to action adventure storytelling with both shades of classic Pulp and modern relevance, no one does it better than Derrick Ferguson. And Dillon is a character that not only embodies multiple traits and concepts that make him leap off the page. He is the seed from which an entire universe of fantastic characters, awesome storylines, and the epitome of excitement grow from. DERRICK FERGUSON’S DILLON is going to be a helluva lot of fun for all involved.”

DERRICK FERGUSON’S DILLON will debut in late 2017 with DILLON ANNUAL ONE, a collection of Dillon short stories. This will be a recurring title in the imprint each year. Ferguson will also explore Dillon’s universe in various ways under the imprint.

Sean E. Ali will format and design all books in the imprint, including creating the covers. The imprint logo is also designed and created by Ali.

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at


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