Sam Elliott & Eli Creed: Separated At Birth?


As everybody knows by now (because I’ve said it enough times, Odin knows) that the Great, Great Man Sam Elliott is the template I based Dillon’s best friend and partner Elias Patrick Creed on. Whenever I write a scene with Eli, it’s Sam Elliott I’m seeing and hearing. Over at The Ferguson Theater I wrote a review of SHAKEDOWN, a 1988 Action Movie starring Sam Elliott and Peter Weller. I was in the middle of writing the very first draft of “Dillon and The Voice of Odin” and still trying to get a handle on who Eli was and what he looked like.

One day after work I headed on down to 42end St to take in a double feature and one of the movies was SHAKEDOWN. Fifteen minutes into the movie all I could do was sit there dumfounded while this badass cat did his thing on screen while one thought pounded in what I laughingly refer to as a brain:

“Yep. THAT’S Eli.”


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