Four Bullets For Dillon

Dillon-1FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON brings together three stories that had previously been scattered all over the Internet plus a brand new story  written especially for this volume.  It’s a book that earned very good reviews as well as the 2012 Pulp Ark Award For Best Anthology/Collection. I’m pretty pleased by the reception this book has received and I’m planning a second Dillon anthology for 2014.

Now before you go and order your copy let’s take a look at some drawings done by Alex Kosakowski in preparation for DILLON AND THE ESCAPE FROM TOSEGIO which is not only the first story in the book but was also a ten-page story in “Frontier Publishing Presents” #1.  An ambitious foray by us Frontier madmen (and one exceptional madwoman) to produce a regular quarterly comic book.  Only the #1 was ever put together and exists so I guess it makes it a rarity of sorts.  At any rate, Alex did some preliminary sketches and drawings of some of the characters which I’m happy to share with you right now.

First up is the star of the show himself: Dillon.  When I first saw this one I was amazed at how closely Alex’s drawing matched purty near the exact way I visualized my boy:

Dillon 1

Next up is Timothy “Awesome” Times a mercenary buddy of Dillon’s who has a big role in DILLON AND THE ESCAPE FROM TOSEGIO and an even bigger role in DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL.

Awesome Times

Princess Sathyra of Tosegio (Insert Hottie Growl ©2007 Derrick Ferguson here) saying that she’s a major player in Dillon’s life is an understatement.  She’s The MacGuffin of DILLON AND THE ESCAPE FROM TOSEGIO and she will be returning in the Dillon/Sly Gantlet team-up, DEAD BEAT IN KHUSRA (You in the back, put your hand down…save your questions for later)

The Princess Sathyra of Tosegio

And this fellow is one of The Blessed Swords of Ramoseda, elite bodyguards to the royal family of Tosegio.  Dunno what the face behind him is all about.  I emailed Alex about it and he told me but that was years ago and I’ve long since forgotten.  I’ve long thought about trying to get back in touch with Alex and doing another Dillon comic book story or maybe even a graphic novel.  What do you think?

Tosegio Warrior

I don’t remember the name of the talented gentleman who did this and that is something I’m really pissed at myself for because this drawing inspired me to write DILLON AND THE BAD ASS BELT BUCKLE which can be found in FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON.  And yes, this scene is in the story.  Which you will have to read for yourself to find out how he gets himself into such a wildly improbable situation.

Dillon & The Bad Ass Belt Buckle


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