Coming Soon: November 2016

DILLON AND THE NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS is a story I think is fairly unique for a pair of reasons I’ll get into in a minute and then I’ll explain why it’s being presented as this month’s feature on my Patreon page. First off, the story’s history. It was written for the 2014 PULPWORK PRESS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and kinda just came to me in a rush as I had written a Dillon Christmas story for the 2012 volume and honestly had no intention of writing another one. That one; “Dillon and The Night Before Christmas” was a mash-up of “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol.”  Which I did because every time a writer decides to do a Christmas story with his/her favorite character they do either “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Carol.” So I figured by mashing up both stories into one, I’d do my obligatory Dillon story and get it over with.

So how did I come to write DILLON AND THE NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS? It’s partly the fault of Joshua R. Reynolds, curse his hide. Long before The Krampus became a cultish rage, Josh was telling me stories about The Krampus. Yeah, everybody and their mother know about The Krampus now, but Josh was in love with the critter long before they were. I was intrigued with The Krampus and as I do with most ideas Josh gives me, I scribbled it away in one of my notebooks, figuring that I’d use it in a story later on. Which story, I had no idea. I certainly never thought that I’d use The Krampus in a Dillon story.

So how did The Krampus end up in a Dillon story? For a couple of reasons. I wanted to write a story where Dillon again has an adventure with Wyatt Hyatt and Reynard Hansen who he worked with in “Dillon and The Judas Chalice.” I liked the interaction between the three of them as they’re all black men but they’re all very different types of black men whose skills and personalities mesh well together. Especially Wyatt and Reynard who have a relationship that is not as contentious or as cantankerous as Monk Mayfair and Ham Brooks but that vibe is there and I wanted to explore it further.

The Krampus got into it because I wanted to write a Christmas story that was more of freewheeling, action/adventure filled romp than “Dillon and The Night Before Christmas” which was pretty dark and grim (but ended on a hopeful note, Thank Odin) and the idea of Dillon fighting a Krampus struck me as being just goofy enough to work.


So I wrote the story and it was published and I thought no more about it. Until an odd thing started happening. One that is the perfect example of one of the things I love about writing: you never know what is going to resonate with readers and what they’ll pick up on. You can’t predict what readers are going to like and you’re a fool if you try. Just be glad when they do latch onto something and even more, they let you know what it is.

In this case, it’s a scene where Dillon reveals to Wyatt and Reynard that he has a house. Now if you’ve been following Dillon for awhile then you know what a shock this was to Wyatt and Reynard since Dillon has never before mentioned to them that he had a permanent residence somewhere. They’re even more amazed to learn that the dog they’ve come to Alaska to pick up is Dillon’s second dog. Here’s a picture of an Alaskan Husky, which is the type of dog Dillon prefers and that he names Festus.


Wyatt and Reynard are naturally pissed off that all this time he’s had a permanent residence and a dog and he never thought to mention it to two men he claims are close friends of his that he’s been on dangerous adventures with where they’ve saved each other’s lives many times over. And they both quite loudly express their dissatisfaction with Dillon. To put it mildly.

The feedback I got from readers (stop your snickering. I do have readers. I DO.) was that scene was their favorite in the story and they wanted to know if I was going to follow up on it.  And while I didn’t have any ideas of doing so, once the suggestion was planted in my head, it took root and began to grow.

So starting next month on my Patreon page I’ll be starting a brand new serial which doesn’t have a title yet although I’m kicking around two or three of ‘em. What can I tell you? I have a hard time with titles. But what I can tell you is that the story will be a direct sequel to “Dillon and The Night of The Krampus.” which is why that story is going to be featured on my Patreon page this month so that those of you who haven’t read it can get caught up before the new serial begins. Dillon doesn’t manage to get Wyatt and Reynard back to their homes in time for Christmas for reasons that will be explained in the story. As compensation, Wyatt and Reynard demand that Dillon take them to his house along with their new friend, Professor of Occult History & Science, Folklore and Mythology, Ursula Van Houghton. That’s where the story starts and I promise you it’ll get wilder from there. And along the way you’ll hopefully find out a lot more about Dillon that will enhance your enjoyment of the character and his world.

Okay, that’s it for now. If this is your first time here, feel free to stay awhile, look around and maybe leave a comment or take one of the polls. Until next time, watch some good movies, read some good books and be good to each other. And don’t forget to vote, dammit!

And here’s a handy dandy visual aid so you don’t have to burn up brain cells imagining what Big Pig looks like:


Coming Soon: October 2016

Greetings and Salutations! And also apologies. I know I haven’t updated this thing nearly as much as I should be doing. I was absolutely horrified to see I haven’t made a post since February. I really don’t like to blame it on advancing age but so help me, it seems as if the older I get, the faster time goes. When I was a teenager summer seemed to last a year. Even in my 20’s and 30’s a year lasted longer than it does now. Seems like it was only last month we were celebrating New Year’s and here we are getting ready to celebrate it again in just 87 days.

Kinda makes you think, don’t it?


But even if it doesn’t, thank you for revisiting or visiting the DILLON blog. If this is your first time here, let me give you the obligatory orientation:

This is the home of all things Dillon. Yes, there is a Facebook page that I recommend you join as I tend to be on there a lot more than I am on here and this is intended mainly to be an archive and resource for information about Dillon and his universe for you to delve in when you want to find out more about him and his world. My hope is that this site will enhance your enjoyment of the character, his adventures as well as the novels and stories. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll do my best to correct it. In the immortal words of Mr. Harry Wayne Casey, I’m you boogie man. That’s what I am. And I’m here to do whatever I can. Contact me via email via or my two Facebook pages Dillon and Usimi Dero. I’m not hard to find, I assure you.

Before I get into the meat of this update I’d like to once again acknowledge some extremely talented folks who have given of their precious time and extraordinary talent to the creation of this blog and to enriching Dillon and his world.

First there’s Sean E. Ali who has designed the covers for the new editions of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN and DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL and as far as I’m concerned he can keep on doing the Dillon covers until he gets tired of doing them. It was Sean who suggested to me that the Dillon covers should have a uniform look and style and he’s crafted what I now consider to be the definite Dillon look. There’s only two other artists I can think of that I would want to depict Dillon and Sean is definitely in their class: Jim Steranko and Marshall Rogers.


Percival Constantine came up with the DILLON logo you see that graces this website and the covers of the Dillon books and the best way you can acknowledge your appreciation of his work is to contact him and do the logo for your character. Below you can see a lot of what he came up with before we decided on the final version.


Who else? Russ Anderson, Jr. Josh Reynolds. Joel Jenkins Tommy Hancock. My wife Patricia Cabbagestalk-Ferguson. Despite what those other guys may tell you (and you know the ones I’m talking about) nobody writes a novel alone. You need people you trust and believe in you to lift you up and sustain you in that day to day grind of putting one word after another.

Okay, that’s over and done with…so now let’s get to what you paid your money for: what is happening with Dillon now and in 2017:

Hopefully you’ve been reading DILLON AND THE CITY OF STONE which is a serialized adventure presented monthly. One chapter a month. It’s notable in that it’s a story conceived by a good friend of mine I’ve known online for about 15 years named Erik Fromme. He’s an astonishingly terrific writer and I hope that he’ll be encouraged to put his writing out there. He’s done amazing work in Star Trek and Marvel/DC fanfiction and when he asked if he could write a Dillon story I said, “only if I can write it with you.” And since I was launching a Patreon page this seemed to be the perfect way to do it. So we wrote this epic Dillon story that will reach its conclusion this month. Look for it to be posted later on this week.

So if  DILLON AND THE CITY OF STONE ends this month what takes its place?

In November I’ll be posting DILLON AND THE NIGHT OF THE KRAMPUS to Patreon which was originally presented in last year’s Pulpwork Press Christmas Special. Some of you have read it. Some of you haven’t. That’s cool. Those of you who haven’t read I would heartily recommend that you do so. It’s an adventure that will not only be connected to “Night of The Krampus” but will feature an aspect of Dillon’s life we’ve never seen before. In “Night of The Krampus” Dillon reveals to his friends Reynard Hansen and Wyatt Hyatt that he has a permanent residence they never knew he had. They always just assumed Dillon lived in hotels or safehouses. So in this upcoming story (for which I still have to find a title) they and we will at last see Dillon’s home in Grand, Pennsylvania for the very first time.

The next major Dillon adventure is going to be THE SPECIALISTS 2 which I intend to have ready for 2017 since I’ve already been touting it as “the best action movie that not going to be on your movie screen in the summer of 2017.” As most of you know (and if you don’t, I’m shocked. SHOCKED!) Joel Jenkins and I put together a book called THE SPECIALISTS which assembled all the stories we had written that teamed up his rock star/mercenary Sly Gantlet with Dillon.


Now, while I loved the book I felt there were unresolved plot threads and emotional issues that needed to be addressed and that’s how the concept of THE SPECIALISTS 2 evolved. If you love movies like “The Dirty Dozen” “The Magnificent Seven” or “The Expendables” series then this is going to be a book you’ll want to get. I was extraordinarily blessed in that Josh Reynolds and Mark Bousquet gave me their blessing to use characters they created in this story. So at present the line-up is composed of:


Elias Patrick Creed

Wyatt Hyatt

Vera Gemini

Magpie Dark

Chen Chang

Awesome Times

B.B. Brannigan

Brighteyes Dillinger

John Velvet

Kevyn Harris

Billy Booker

Some of these characters you know and are familiar with if you’ve been reading the Dillon series. Vera Gemini is somebody you’re going to have to get to know by reading THE VRIL AGENDA. Hey, I ain’t gonna do all your homework for you, okay?


Magpie Dark is a character created by Mark Bousquet. And he’s a writer that if you don’t know him already then you should get to know. Here’s his latest book. Go buy it. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Chen Chang, Kevyn Harris and Billy Booker are characters you’ll get to know when you read the book. Trust me, you’ll like ‘em.

I think that’s it for now. I absolutely promise I will do an update for November and let you know how the various projects concerning Dillon are progressing. In the meantime, please support the artists I have provided links to in this rambling article and if you have any questions, complaints or adlibs, do not hesitate to contact me at

Good night everybody!




The Specialists!

Rock Musician, Sly Gantlet, and the global instigator known as Dillon are the best of friends and the bitterest of rivals. Contained herein are three of their most over the top, insane, and life altering adventures:

DEAD BEAT IN KHUSRA: When Sly Gantlet decides to mix business with pleasure and takes the charming and drop dead gorgeous Princess Sathyra on a solo tour to Khusra, he finds himself the target of Sathyra’s jealous ex-flame, Dillon!

DEAD BEAT IN THE GOBI DESERT: Dillon and Sly steal a biological weapon from a Russian military base, shortly before being shot down in the Gobi Desert. Soon they find themselves caught between a mysterious woman, a howling blizzard, Russian special forces, and a group of marauding cannibals!

THE SPECIALISTS: Enlisted by the American Intelligence Machine, Sly and Dillon and a motley crew of coerced killers must stop delivery of a special bomb designed to wipe out America’s electrical grid and bring about massive starvation. Up to their necks in blood and bullets, they find all paths blocked, and begin to suspect they were never meant to return from their mission alive!

Specialists Front Cove 1200x796